This site started during an effort to impeach George W. Bush, though this was moderated by the daunting thought Dick Cheney would  then be president unless we had a 'two for one' impeachment sale. 

Today we look back on those days, not fondly, but wistfully.  We thought it could not get worse - but again life surprised all of us. 

Although the focus was an impeachment the need for Common Law Courts has never been more real or compelling.  The judicial system is broken and we need an alternative.  Common Law Courts are inexpensive, and directly in the control of the people, making them an alternative in multiple ways to the system which we confront today.

The guidelines provided here work.  Please use them, contact us if you would like advice and also to tell us about how it is going with your own court.  

                                                                       The Common Law Coalition. 

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