Friday, July 4, 2008

The Trial by Common Law Jury

The Trial of George W. Bush


Murder, Treason and other crimes.

To be convened in your local area

After many years of waiting for someone, anyone to do the right thing and hold George W. Bush and his cronies accountable, Dennis Kucinich filed impeachment. As we all know, it is unlikely that anything will come of it, unfortunately. Impeachment removes the individual from office but coming now there is no likelihood that Bush will be gone soon enough to matter - or that he will be punished as he deserves.

Few now doubt that Bush and his cronies are guilty of crimes we once thought impossible for any American.

Over and over we have been confronted with the unpalatable truth that the present justice system is broken. Even more frightening, the other checks on unbridled power are also gone. The election system is broken and the federal government has invaded the powers still vested in states through confiscatory taxation and unfunded mandates.

What we thought of as the Federal government has turned out to be something very different. The Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, that is the real name to which we must accustom ourselves. It is the former Nazi regime on steroids, run by the descendants of the same people but without effective opposition from the outside. The candidates lined up to replace Bush are like vanilla and chocolate retreads, judging from what they say. None of them will promise to stop the War in Iraq; none has a history of keeping promises anyway.

So what are an oppressed people to do? They do it themselves. The good news is that we have the tools to do it and make it stick. The better news is that, having done that, we can reclaim our country. It may seem impossible, but it can be done.

The only law that the Founders deemed necessary was the common law. To that they added the Constitution. Those are our tools. There was a time when all children understood the process of common law. They grew up watching their parents and other adults participate. They accepted that a free people govern themselves and are perfectly capable of running their own courts.

Growing up on TV dramas about impeccably honorable judges, attorneys who put their clients before profit, and other myths we have forgotten. But we can relearn. The first thing to be understood is what the term, “law,” means. Law is the common law used along with the Constitution. What law is not is the immense volume of paper churned out every year by legislatures across the country, especially Congress. Those weighty piles of paper are statute and code. The Common Law and the Constitution are always superior. So why do legislators pass so much of that stuff? Being a legislator pays well. And to keep their jobs they need to produce statutes that will benefit their employers. That is not you. To avoid the guessing games we will flat out tell you that greedy and unethical people are very willing to lie, cheat and steal their way to immense wealth. You need go no further than to recollect your experiences on the playground to see why.

Those who, lacking creativity and intelligence, know they cannot honestly get what they want are the most likely to lie, cheat and steal. That is why people like Bill & Hillary Clinton, George Bush, John McCain, and Barack Obama go into politics in the first place.

You probably thought that the court house in your community and on up to appellate and district levels is pretty much the same as those the Founders had in mind. That is entirely wrong. A bait and switch was carried out in 1933. America transitioned from reliance on the Constitution and common law to the present system of admiralty and equity law courts because of a short chain of events. Here is how it went. (see the definitions)

The Constitution was passed through the acceptance of a compromise that violated the mission statement that founded America. That was the affirmation set out in the Declaration of Independence that all of us are born possessed of inherent rights to life, liberty and happiness. Ignoring the rights of woman and blacks has exacted a cost from us now living and generations now gone.

By so doing the Founders tolerated the use of statute to assert control of people in ways that violated those same inherent rights. This tragedy brought on the War between the States which was fought not over slavery but over the right of the federal government to tax.

You cannot be a little bit pregnant or a little bit free. The door had been opened so that those whose eyes were alive with avarice could come in. Through our monetary system they intended to rule us and finally, they succeeded.

In 1913 several bills were introduced to Congress and passed during the Christmas break. One of these was the 16th Amendment, allowing American money to be given into the control of a private bank owned and operated as the Federal Reserve Bank. Woodrow Wilson went along with this and promoted it because the individuals who gained ownership funded his presidential campaign. He later regretted it but it was too late for him to change his mind.

The FED was thereafter allowed to issue America's money; the American taxpayer would pay interest on the money generated to the FED, which brought nothing to the table but rapacious smiles and grasping hands.

This realized a dream of gluttony and greed of monumental proportions and the long feeding frenzy was just beginning.

In 1929 banks intentionally brought on the conditions that caused the Great Depression. This caused rapid and monumental changes in ownership, from ordinary Americans to a small group of bankers and investors. People have to be desperate to allow their accustomed institutions to taken out of their control. The Great Depression destabilized the entire American economy, making those changes possible.

The thirties brought further changes, as government took over the work before carried out well and thriftily by fraternal orders. Social Security was taken whole cloth from the oldest fraternal order in the New World, the Redman, also known as the Sons of Liberty, the same organization who carried out the Boston Tea Party. Fraternal orders did not profit by providing security to their members; government did. The power of America has always been in the will of Americans to do right from within their own communities. That was stolen from us then.

The 1933 bankruptcy of America by foreign loan default to foreign banking interests also resulted in the conversion of common law courts, controlled by the people, to admiralty and equity courts. The Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia had defaulted, opening the way for your life and property to be reclassified. To that corporation you are listed not as a person but as property. That happened when your parents happily and proudly filled out your birth certificate.

Until 1933 Americans understood the function of common law and their Constitution. Along with the loss of their right to own gold, passed on June 5, 1933 with House Joint Resolution 192, Americans lost control of their law and their lives.

But statute that violates the Constitution is void. Those in power who attempt to circumvent the Constitution using the color of law are traitors. If a Common Law Court issues a verdict of guilty the sheriff of that county has a Constitutional obligation to accept the duty to arrest the convict if he appears in the county. The right to form common law courts is inherent in the American Constitution; those in power have worked to disguise this but they cannot cancel those rights.

You can start your own local common law court. You can hold a trial of George Bush for high crimes. Here, we show you how to do just that. When you are finished you will understand the court system our Founders intended be used to keep America's freedoms firmly in the hands of the people. You will have taken the first step back from fascism and towards the America that remains the shining vision glimpsed first by those long dead revolutionaries and then by people from around the world. If we would be free we must do it ourselves.

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